Welcome to the Team, HappyBar Bites!

KAYA is proud to launch the first product in our line of edibles with two delightful flavors of HappyBar Bites. An equally nutritious and delicious snack infused with specifically dosed whole plant cannabis. HappyBar Bites are flavored in two ways: Coconut Date Ginger and Mocha Cinnamon. 

Wholesome Ingredients

The best part about these healthy nuggets is the inventive use of natural flavors. The natural ingredients let us reap all of the health benefits we can from our diet without sacrificing good flavor. Each type of Bite is crafted with vegan, low sugar ingredients. They’re a great option for anyone that has dietary restrictions, whether they’re rigid or loosely based restrictions. Each flavor also provides its own texture, with these powers combined each bite is an enchanting burst in your mouth. Aside from the deliciousness, HappyBar Bites help to reduce the side effects of eating edibles. It takes energy from our body to digest cannabis which can result in feeling dehydrated, tired, or light headed. These ingredients are packed with natural energy to replace that used in digestion, making us feel medicated and nourished.

We’ve listed the ingredients of each flavor of HappyBar Bites below.

Coconut Date Ginger: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Mocha Cinnamon: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Precise Dosing

As if those wholesome ingredients weren’t enough of a selling point, KAYA has also made sure that their HappyBar Bites are precisely dosed at 10mg or 30mg. Each bag contains 10 happy little bites, totally at about ten doses. As delicious as big, ginormous brownies are, it’s often hard to cut a 100mg brownie into 10 pieces. HappyBar Bites promote precise, healthy dosing. They are also crafted to reduce the risk of overdosing. Do keep in mind, however, that an overdose in edibles has never resulted in death. When we say overdose, it generally means an uncomfortable couple of hours; maybe you can’t help but fall asleep, maybe it almost feels like a psychedelic trip. So, Happy Bites are designed for anyone terrified of having that happen.



As the very first product in the KAYA edibles line, HappyBar Bites are showing us what the brand is all about. Healthy, active patients with a desire to get the most out of life will love these little bits of heaven. Take HappyBar Bites on a hike with friends, to your kid’s soccer game, or wherever they may lead you.