Staff Spotlight: Meet Joey P!

Staff Spotlight: Meet Joey P!

NAME: Joe P.

NICKNAME(S): Joey, Palm tree

POSITIONS @ HMH: Cultivation Team


Salmon River OG, Tyson OG, El Fuego

FAVORITE EDIBLES:  Korova and Baked Bros.
FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: KAYA cartridges!!  Also Venom and Firebrand.



I want to own my own dispensary/grow operation and also own my own recording studio.



Born in Glendale, raised in Flagstaff. I’ve lived here for 12-13 years. I played baseball for about 8 years and hockey for about 4. Decided to give that up and be the stoner music makin fiend that I am today!


SPECIAL SKILL: Lethal flow, un-knockable hustle, growing cannabis.


FUN FACT:  Joe has a SoundCloud where you can listen to all his sick beats!