Staff Spotlight: Meet Paul!


NAME: Paul Roman Stanek

NICKNAME: Tall Paul, Tallest of the Paulest

POSITION @ HMH: Media Manager


HMH: Holy Grail Kush, Florida OG, Strawberry Banana. In general: The Kushiest of Kush


Wana 2:1 Yuzu Gummies, Queen Bee Truffles, KAYA Myst (technically a sublingual)


KAYA Holy Grail Kush Sift Rosin, Item 9 Alien Fire Fruit Badder


I aim to contribute as much positive energy to our world as I possibly can, with this life I’m given, regardless of the format. 


I come from a creative background: illustration, photography, animation, music. Pursuing these passions took me from New York to Los Angeles to Philly, then back to California for an art residency in the surreal landscapes of Joshua Tree. I’d never have guessed I’d meet the love of my life in a town of 7,414 souls in the middle of the high desert, but sometimes in this universe you’re fortunate enough to find what you didn’t even know you were looking for. Among many other things, Sia and I shared a healthy interest in cannabis, as well as fond memories of a wondrous land up in the mountains known as “Flagstaff.” This common ground is what inspired the journey that ultimately landed me here in Northern Arizona. Now that I’m shooting cannabis photography and creating graphics for High Mountain Health, my passions for art and cannabis have found one cohesive home. These harmonious endeavors, along with my HMH family, my amazing wife, and our two beautiful dogs Mini and Shady, are the central characters in what is easily the best chapter of my life thus far. 


Thinking outside the box.


There is no box.