Providing a


 Quality of Life

We understand the importance of compassionate care for each individual’s medical condition and employ experienced cannabis experts in a laid back yet professional setting. We offer numerous strains of our own locally-grown, lab-tested cannabis and the very best of what other state-licensed dispensaries have to offer as well as boasting one of the largest selections of edibles in the state.
We are committed to providing our community with a reputable and exemplary source for medicinal cannabis, helping to dissolve the unfounded social stigma surrounding this effective medicinal plant. We are dedicated to ensuring legal, affordable, safe and confidential access to the highest quality medicinal-grade cannabis products available and related wellness services to card-holding patients in Arizona.
High Mountain Health is a not-for-profit dispensary and supports many local charities. The mission of High Mountain Health is to operate a legal and socially responsible dispensary by providing alternative products and services to patients as guided by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act – Proposition 203.

We welcome you to join our family of HMH patients
for a higher quality of life.
High Mountain Health uses sustainable growing practices
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At High Mountain Health, we have high standards for everything we do. Beyond providing clean and safe plant medicine, we also make an effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Among the many eco-friendly aspects of our company that we are proud to highlight, we also encourage our team to recycle, reduce waste, and utilize public transit or bike when available.

We Use Efficient Lighting Technologies

We utilize the most efficient lighting technology at our grow facility. This means taking advantage of the benefits of LED lights — they last longer, use less energy, and are able to provide a full spectrum of light for our plants.

We Practice Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource in Arizona and we want to conserve as much as possible. To do this, we have implemented a complex condensation collection process. All condensate water is recycled from both the vegetation and bloom grow facility rooms. Furthermore, our irrigation system allows precise, timed watering to avoid waste.

We Recycle everything

At High Mountain Health, even the smallest details matter. We even recycle our soil. Once we are finished using the soil at our grow, it is recycled at a secondary agricultural facility.