Special Edition

The Herbivore: CBD & Pets

CBD and Pets By Zachariah Finning   Most people have had or currently have a beloved animal in their lives. With the rise of CBD tinctures and supplements in holistic health trends, it is no wonder that we have begun to see CBD products geared towards animals. Most domesticated animals have a shorter life span…

The Herbivore: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, It’s Symptoms, & The Use of Cannabis As A Treatment

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Its Symptoms, and the Use of Cannabis as a Treatment By Zachariah Finning   PTSD is a serious and often common mental disorder that arises in survivors of traumatic events. It is seen in veterans of war, rape victims, even extreme car accidents that can cause PTSD symptoms to arise in individuals….

The Herbivore: National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month 2020 By Zachariah Finning   August is National Wellness Month; this focus is more important now than ever, during these uncertain times. Wellness month hones in on the importance of self-care and self-management. It is said through continued discipline, physical actions, as well as mental preparation, we can better handle the stresses…

The Herbivore: National Hemp Month

National Hemp Month 2020 By Zachariah Finning   July is National Hemp Month and a commonly known attribute to Hemp is Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD can be derived both from Hemp and Marijuana. Although there is much debate on whether CBD in itself is an intoxicating substance, many have touted its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties….

The Herbivore: A History of Oppression: Slavery, Policing, The War On Drugs, The Industrial Prison Complex and Their Effects On American Minorities

A Brief History of Oppression: Slavery, Policing, The War on Drugs, The Industrial Prison Complex and their Effects on American Minorities By Zachariah Finning   Since its inception, the War on Drugs has never been aimed to curtail the use of illicit substances in the American Population. It has been used and manufactured to oppress…