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Friday Funday

Spend $40 or more and spin the FUN DAY wheel to win cash-back rewards or a prize!

Medical Patient Weekly Specials

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Daily specials do not combine with cash-back rewards and/or discounts.


15% Off Regular Priced Items for
Seniors, Veterans, First-Responders, and Dispensary/Facility Agents!

*Must Have Valid ID // Seniors 65+

KAYA EHO Bundles!

1G – 3x = $60

KAYA .5g Mys•Stix Bundles!

2x = $50

4x = $100

KAYA 1g Mys•Stix Bundles!

2x = $100

4x = $200

Pre-roll Bundles!

Premium Pre-rolls 5x = $55

Ensalada Verde 5x = $45

*Does Not Combine With Reward Redemptions or Other Discounts*


High Mountain Health s You
Slow Roll Sunday

Enjoy premium hand-selected Tier 1 and Tier 2 HMH flower at $8/gram pricing!
You’ll love this special just as much as HMH loves you!

Buy two, get one FREE premium pre-rolls!
If you are redeeming points for flower on  HMH s You Sundays, points will correspond to regular tiered pricing and not $8/gram pricing

*Pre-roll bundles are excluded, Limit 1 Free Pre-roll per day


Medible Monday!

15% off medicated edibles, tinctures,  topicals, and CBD!


Terpene Tuesday Tier Drop Strain Release

All new release strains are Tier 3 pricing!


Multi-strain price drop!


$5 off any purchase of $50 or more!


Wacky Wednesday

Buy 1/8oz of Flower = Get 1 FREE GRAM Flower*
Buy 1/4oz of Flower = Get 1/16oz FREE Flower*
Buy 1/2oz Flower = Get 1/8oz FREE Flower*

*Daily Gram is not eligible.*

*Free flower option is equal to or lesser than the lowest tier purchased.*

*LITTLES are EXCLUDED from Special!*

*Pre-packed 8ths are excluded for free flower option. *
*MAXIMUM FREE FLOWER: 1/8oz Per Order*


Triple Cash-back Rewards & Thirsty Thursday

You receive 3 cash-back rewards for every pre-tax dollar spent!

10% off all beverages!

Discounts do not combine


Friday Funday

Spend $40 or more to spin the prize wheel to win rewards or prize!



25% OFF ALL KAYA Products!
*Excludes Accessories

High Mountain Health

 cash-back rewards


Every Dollar Spent


1 Cash-back Reward

for every dollar spent,

Every Day!

Triple Cash-back Rewards

Every Thursday

x3 Cash-back Rewards

Friday FUNday

Spin the wheel to win a prize or

Hundreds of      Cash-back Rewards

Referral of a card-holding patient

420 Cash-back Rewards

Leave HMH a review online


100 Cash-back Rewards

*Once per patient per site. *Ask Reception for Social Media Review sheet

Like & Review HMH on


150 Cash-back Rewards

Follow HMH on Twitter


50 Cash-back Rewards

Bring In Your Reusable Bag To Shop

50 Cash-back Rewards

*Bring in each time you shop!

Please allow 48 hours to process cash-back rewards received on the Friday Funday Prize Wheel and for Referral Rewards.


Rewards YOUR WAY

200 Cash-back Rewards

$5 Off
your Order

400 Cash-back Rewards

$10 Off
your Order

600 Cash-back Rewards

$15 Off
your Order

800 Cash-back Rewards

$20 Off
Your Order

1000 Cash-back Rewards

$25 Off
your Order

2000 Cash-back Rewards

$50 Off
your Order

4000 Cash-back Rewards

1/4 oz Strain of your choice


6000 Cash-back Rewards

1/2 oz Strain of your choice


The maximum dollars off per day is $50/2000 cash-back rewards.  Daily specials do not combine with other discounts or cash-back rewards.
Cash-back rewards may only be redeemed at retail value of order.  Rewards do not combine with other specials and discounts.