Patient Success Story: Jared

Cannabis has helped heal a countless amount of people. Jared is an exemplary wellness warrior and has supplemented his treatment plans with medical cannabis for years, and continues to do so to this day. Cannabis has been a benefit to Jared in helping treat his ongoing issues, recover, and continue leading a happy life.  We hope you find his success story as inspiring as we do!

Jared: I have always had an interest in cannabis therapies as early as 2003 when I went to Amsterdam for an event, the Cannabis Cup Expo. In 2011, I underwent treatment for an oral tumor that was determined to be cancerous.  Cannabis had been the missing link in my earlier stages of treatment so I made the decision to incorporate cannabis as a supplement. Many doctors just wanted to treat one aspect of my particular case, instead of the underlying cause. For example focusing only on facial pains and migraines, not the nerve disorder that may have contributed to those symptoms. Cannabis helped to free me from feelings like my face was twitching nonstop, as if ants were crawling all over the tops and insides of my cheeks.

Sometimes my jaw would lock up and be unable to move. I must admit that while cannabis never made these sensations go away completely, it made them much more manageable to I could go about my day.

Other ways I try to stay happy and healthy include regular exercise (Shaun T workouts are my favorite) and try to eat right. I make regular checkup appointments with my healthcare professionals, keep a good circle of support, and try to live in the present while always striving for a better future for myself and others.

Since then there has been a lot I’ve realized and learned as time and my treatments have progressed. There have been many changes in the years since my first AZMMJ card. Specifically, the available methods to medicate are more refined and can further cater to patients unique and diverse needs.

If someone was skeptical about cannabis therapy, I would talk with them about my experiences and the benefits that I strongly believe are connected to cannabis treatment.  If they were willing to discuss further, I’d be able to share the bounty of refutable resources and services.

I love and appreciate you all for everything that High Mountain Health does for me and the Flagstaff AZMMJ community”.

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