Patient Success Story: Renae

Cannabis has helped heal a countless amount of people.

Our very own Renae is a believer in integrity and a true wellness warrior. She loves the outdoors, especially trail riding on her horses in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona! Renae has supplemented her lifestyle with medical cannabis for a variety of reasons. Primarily, cannabis has been a benefit to Renae in helping her recover from multiple surgeries and maintain physical and mental health. We hope you find her success story as inspiring as we do!

Renae:  I was first introduced to cannabis therapy from a very good friend whom had cancer and was receiving chemo and radiation treatments. The cannabis medicine helped him not only with his nausea but with his appetite and insomnia as well. It was after that when I realized cannabis therapy truly works!

Like most people, I’ve encountered a lot of misconceptions about cannabis therapy in my experience. One misconception, for example, is that cannabis consumption will lead to the use of stronger drugs. Simply not true. If someone I knew was skeptical about cannabis therapy, I would tell them not to assume negative thoughts and to try it.  It’s worked for me and many others. I’ve had four surgeries in the last three years and the medical cannabis has helped me through each one– giving me a quality of health both mentally and physically–in ways that pharmaceutical drugs never could.


I have been to several dispensaries in three different states and HMH beats them all hands down with their knowledge of their products and helping you in both a professional and friendly manner”.

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