A Guide to the Global Cannabis Scene

You’re biking next to the canal, as boats lazily float by. Music drifts from apartment windows and Dutch can be heard drifting from the cafe tables along the sidewalk. It’s a nearly perfect afternoon to stop into your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a latte and a joint. After purchasing, you find a cozy window[…]

Medical Monday: Cannabis and Epilepsy

“I didn’t use cannabis until I was about 18 years old,” writes Craig, for our Patient Success Story for August 2016. “At the time I was pretty ‘straight-edge.’ My next-door neighbor had some, supposedly from Mexico. I had the time of my life – I haven’t really stopped, other than short breaks here and there.”[…]

Music and Medicating

Cannabis offers incredible pain relief, relaxation, and sometimes (perceived) heightened sensory effects. With some strains, particularly those with high THC content, food seems to taste better, colors seem brighter and our ears become tuned to the slightest intricacies of music. For many, this oratory difference is sometimes the most noticeable: that album that used to[…]

Medical Monday: Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain conditions, affecting more than 3 million Americans per year. The little-understood condition recently entered the spotlight, due to musician Lady Gaga discussing it openly on Twitter and in the recent documentary detailing her life. The documentary explores her struggles with chronic pain and how it has[…]

Patient Success Stories: Patty

Patty has been a loyal patient at High Mountain Health for years. Her sense of humor and knowledge about cannabis make her a pleasure to be around. After sustaining a serious back injury as a child, and becoming addicted to painkillers as a teenager, Patty found medical cannabis. Similar to many of our patients, medical[…]

One in 50: Opioids are a leading cause of death in the U.S. Here’s how cannabis might save lives.

In August, the opioid epidemic was declared a “national emergency” by President Trump. His administration’s commission on opioids, led by New Jersey governor Chris Christie, called for increased access to addiction treatment centers and to Naxalone, the drug that can reverse an overdose. Trump’s decision follows that of many state officials’, including Arizona governor Doug Ducey, who[…]

Cannabis Connoisseurs Get Cozy For Autumn

Welcome to the best season in Flagstaff, Ariz.: autumn! Our little town celebrates the changing of the season with a dramatic display of fall colors, thanks to our high elevation and aspen groves dotting our community. There really isn’t quite like spending a day with a loved one, enjoying a warm drink and marveling at[…]

Smoking or Vaping? Our Take on Two Popular Methods of Ingestion

  Both smoking and vaping cannabis are popular methods of consumption. Both methods deliver quick, potent effects, requires little equipment and know-how, and are relatively easy to dose. There are those of us who will always love the ritual of grinding flower, filling our bowl full, gently lighting the medicine and slowly inhaling. For some,[…]

How to Have a Conversation About Cannabis With Your Parents

For many of our parents, cannabis has been repeatedly described as a “gateway drug.” Oftentimes, they’re convinced cannabis is a dangerous substance, reserved for drug addicts and hooligans. And, really, it is not their fault. For generations, cannabis has been portrayed in a negative (and false) light. Many people have been indoctrinated into believing that[…]

Patient Success Stories: Marty

Getting outside, hiking along a trail with our favorite furry friends next to us: it is basically the quintessential Flagstaff scene. For Marty, this was one of his favorite pastimes. Marty didn’t want to lose the excitement that comes with exploring the wilderness around Flagstaff. When he began having hip pain, which led to an eventual[…]