Revolutionary Cannabis Studies You Should Probably Know About in 2017

  Alright, all you cannabis braniacs out there—time to study up on some of the best cannabis research. So much has changed in the cannabis landscape, from the particularly racist and classist War on Drugs, to its eventual recognition as a valuable medicine, and today, the gradual legalization/decriminalization of cannabis throughout much of the United[…]

Impress your Guests: Cannabis and the Midsummer Dinner Party

The late summer sun lingers in the periwinkle sky. Ponderosas sway in the evening breeze—it’s the perfect night for hosting friends. Hosting a dinner party is one thing, but hosting a cannabis-themed dinner party is on a new level. These lazy summer evenings provide the ideal setting. Are you ready to kick back, relax, medicate and[…]

Plants (besides cannabis) that can make your life easier, brighter and healthier

We all know the benefits of cannabis. And, as time progresses, we are excited about more and more people realizing these benefits. People who were previously (for lack of a better word), brainwashed by the War on Drugs and D.A.R.E, are now discovering that cannabis (gasp) helps them feel great without the side effects of[…]

Patient Success Story: Phyllis

Phyllis is a ray of sunshine. We are lucky to see her about once per week, usually to pick up some CBD oil or Health Oil to deal with everyday aches and pains due to a variety of conditions. She is the perfect Patient Success Story because she completely disproves the stereotype that cannabis is[…]

Staff Spotlight: Stacy!

NAME: Stacy NICKNAME(S): Stace POSITION @ HMH: Assistant Cultivator FAVORITE STRAINS: Holy Grail Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blueberry Cough. I’m a big fan of heavy Indicas as I like to call them. FAVORITE EDIBLES: Baked Bros THC Syrup FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: Kief, rosin, and live resin are my preferred types of concentrates. GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS:[…]

Behind the Scenes at HMH

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at a dispensary? Well, here is a peek into the everyday lives of our receptionists, cannabis consultants and managers! Contrary to popular belief, this job isn’t all just fun. We are responsible for creating an environment that is simultaneously safe, welcoming and educational. It takes[…]

Medical Mondays: Cannabis and Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a neurological condition that may lead to blindness if left untreated. It is caused by optic nerve damage. Interestingly, glaucoma is now widely accepted to be a neurogenerative disease. Some studies even link it to a higher likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. This particular condition is not well understood, but much of the[…]

The Healing Combined Powers of Forest Bathing and Cannabis

  Imagine yourself alone in the forest. Maybe it’s a coniferous, pine forest like the one that circles Flagstaff for miles. Dappled sunlight streams through the branches of the thick canopy above and you can smell a potent mix of soil and rich plant-life. You can feel the stress of city-life fading away as you[…]

Behind the Scenes: A look at HMH’s cultivation site

Working at a cannabis grow is hard work. Our team of cannabis cultivators and trimmers are work diligently nearly every day of the week to ensure the flower at High Mountain Health is always top notch. It takes practice, effort and love to make sure the final product, which will be sold to our patients,[…]

Staff Spotlight: Ryan!

NAME: Ryan NICKNAME(S): Rygor POSITION: Assistant Cultivator FAVORITE STRAINS: Florida OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Mickey’s OG Kush; ACDC is my all-time favorite! FAVORITE EDIBLES: Aunt Ellie’s Fudge Brownies, Flourish S’mores FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: Firebrand Infusions Live Resin and HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction) GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: My goal is to grow cannabis for the rest[…]

Patient Success Story: Vanessa

Vanessa’s attitude makes it hard to believe that, just over a year ago, she thought her life was over. In early 2016, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease – a chronic inflammatory bowel condition that is very hard to treat – and began a long journey to remission. The symptoms of Crohn’s disease include fatigue,[…]