Staff Spotlight: Misty

NAME: Misty NICKNAME(S): N/A POSITION @ HMH: Budtender and Cannabis Consultant FAVORITE STRAINS: Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Banana, Tyson OG, and Durban Poison. FAVORITE EDIBLES: Sublime Lemon Tea Cakes and Coffee Cakes. Haze & Main Chocolates too. FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: KAYA SOL-STIX     GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: To continue to provide quality service to our patients and[…]

The Herbivore: How to Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Cooking Oil

The Herbivore is a special monthly piece that we are releasing on the High Mountain Health Blog and monthly newsletter. We will feature different, tried-and-true ways to utilize cannabis in your everyday cooking. Cooking with cannabis opens up countless possibilities to medicate, which are particularly nice for someone who doesn’t want to ingest via inhalation.[…]

Patient Success Story: Renae

Cannabis has helped heal a countless amount of people. Our very own Renae is a believer in integrity and a true wellness warrior. She loves the outdoors, especially trail riding on her horses in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona! Renae has supplemented her lifestyle with medical cannabis for a variety of reasons. Primarily, cannabis has been a benefit[…]

Showing Some Love this Valentine’s Day, the HMH Way!

How to Have a Cannabis-friendly Holiday for Two (Or For Yourself!) Valentine’s Day marks one of the best days of the year to show some love—whether this is to a partner or for yourself. We support it… the more love the better! What are you doing this year to celebrate? If you’re at a loss,[…]

The Complexities of Owning a Dispensary in Arizona

It’s not just about pretty flower If you live in Arizona, there’s probably a medical cannabis dispensary in your hometown. In 2010, Arizona voters legalized medical cannabis. The law ushered in a new era of alternative medicine, holistic health, and wellness in the southwestern state. As we enter 2018, there are now several dispensaries across[…]

Patient Success Story: Jared

Cannabis has helped heal a countless amount of people. Jared is an exemplary wellness warrior and has supplemented his treatment plans with medical cannabis for years, and continues to do so to this day. Cannabis has been a benefit to Jared in helping treat his ongoing issues, recover, and continue leading a happy life.  We hope[…]

Staff Spotlight: Marcus

NAME: Marcus J. Pitts-Heal NICKNAME(S): N/A POSITION @ HMH: Cultivation Team FAVORITE STRAINS: Super Lemon Haze and GSC. FAVORITE EDIBLES: N/A FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: KAYA     GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: Working in the cannabis Industry has been my dream job since it’s been a thing in AZ. I plan on going as far as possible. As[…]

Jeff Sessions Puts Cannabis Industry at Risk

The Attorney General continues to let his opinion about cannabis influence his professional decisions. It’s pretty much a known fact that our current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, hates cannabis. As a state senator for Alabama, Sessions often publicly denounced cannabis programs. He has even equated the plant with hard drugs such as heroin. During the[…]

Don’t Miss KAYA at the 2018 Errl Cup

The 2018 Errl Cup is just around the corner. This annual festival is a great way to kick off the new year. Every January, the festival brings together the best dispensaries, cultivators, and extractors from around the state for some friendly competition. Festival attendees have a chance to try some of the best plant-based medicine found in[…]

Patient Success Story: Lulu

Cannabidiol, a chemical structure found in the cannabis plant and commonly known as CBD, has helped countless patients. Many are drawn to the medicine for its ability to alleviate the symptoms of many conditions, without the psychoactive effect of THC. Those utilizing CBD may find relief from pain, seizures, tremors and it has even been considered[…]

Staff Spotlight: Sunni

NAME: Sunni NICKNAME(S): Sunshine, SunniBunz, Marissa POSITION @ HMH: Receptionist, Filing FAVORITE STRAINS: Blueberry Cough, 7K, Caramel Ice, and Gaston OG FAVORITE EDIBLES: Sublime and Korova are the tastiest FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: I LOVE the KAYA Cartridges for the convenience and discreteness. GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: Some goals and aspirations of mine would be to stay here[…]